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        • Tutorial: Introduction to FPC Proofing

          We need to know the price of flexible FPC proofing. We must first know what is FPC flexible circuit board. FPC is a flexible circuit board with high reliability and flexibility, which is made of polyimide or polyester film as the base material. It has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness and good bendability. After understanding what these FPC flexible circuit boards are, we can talk about the price of flexible FPC proofing.

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        • Features of FPC and PCB

          In fact, FPC is not only a circuit board that can be flexed, but also an important design method for connecting circuit structures. This structure can be used with other electronic product designs to build a variety of different applications. Look, FPC is very different from hard board.

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        • About FPCB soft and hard board

          It can be divided into two categories: flexible and rigid composite boards and flexible and rigid composite boards. The difference lies in the technology of flexible and rigid composite boards. Flexible and rigid boards can be combined in the manufacturing process. Among them, there are common blind and buried hole designs. Therefore, a higher-density circuit design is possible, and the technology of a flexible and rigid board is a design in which a flexible board and a hard board are separately manufactured and then pressed into a single circuit board, which has a signal connection but no through holes. However, the currently used "flexible and rigid combination boards" are collectively referred to as all flex and rigid combination products, without subdividing the two.

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        • Manufacturing steps of rigid-flex board

          There are many benefits to a rigid-hard board. Many designers did not understand it before, because their designs do not have to use this technology. However, more and more designers will now face the pressure to build increasingly high-density electronic devices. What is more headache is that they must continue to reduce manufacturing costs and reduce manufacturing time. In fact, this is really not a new technical problem. Many engineers and designers have been having headaches for a long time, and the pressure they are facing is constantly increasing.

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        • Circuit board manufacturing process

          The printed circuit board is cut to a suitable size, and the printed circuit board is pasted on the copper-clad board. After being aligned, the copper-clad board is placed in a heat transfer machine, and it must be ensured that the transfer paper is not misaligned. Generally, after 2-3 transfers, the circuit board can be transferred to the copper-clad board very firmly. The heat transfer machine has been preheated in advance, and the temperature is set at 160-200 degrees Celsius. Due to the high temperature, pay attention to safety during operation!

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        • Eleven rules for drawing PCB board wiring

          Component layout and connector must consider the location, everyone's DB9 drawing on the board did not consider whether your serial cable can be inserted. If you add usb, you must also consider the location. After the layout of the Pcb is completed, you can print it out 1: 1 and put it in the original to try it out.

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