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My research and professional work focuses on peacebuilding, conflict resolution and dynamics of political violence. My research has been published in academic journals, and I have extensive experience working in the US and Turkey. I have also conducted field research in conflict zones such as Egypt, Southern and Southeastern Turkey. I held fellowships at Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation, Brandeis University’s Coexistence Program, US State Department’s Fulbright Fellowship Program and received numerous small and medium-sized grants and awards for my research projects. I worked in prestigious institutions such as The Middle East Institute in Washington, D.C., Conflict Dynamics International and Koc University. I received my BA from Istanbul University and MA from Brandeis University. I speak Turkish, English, Arabic and  am conversational in German.


I believe that we can prevent, manage and solve conflicts.  I work to resolve violent conflict between and within states, businesses, and individuals through developing and implementing innovative strategies for conflict prevention, resolution and peacebuilding.  I explore novel approaches to conflicts, violence and human suffering to provide direct substantive and process-related support to conflict resolution. Cutting-edge research, methodology and technology informs my approach.  I take a proactive and results oriented approach to maximize positive impact as well as to deliver high-quality, timely and effective products.

"Peace is costly but it is worth the expense."

african proverb


I imagine a world where people can resolve their differences peacefully; a world where we can prevent conflicts through advanced methods and just policies; a world where people can manage their conflict without resorting to violence.

"It isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn't enough to believe in it. One must work at it."

Eleanor Roosevelt




I conduct cutting-edge research on a range of topics including political violence, peacebuilding, political accommodation, governance systems and Middle East politics. I write academic and policy-oriented reports that inform decision making processes in international organizations. I also design and conduct surveys in conflict zones. At Conflict Dynamics International, I led the confidence building measures, security sector and political accommodation methodology initiatives and produced various internal reports. The Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Syria country teams directly adopted my recommendations on how to integrate confidence building measures and security sector into their practice. Moreover, I designed and conducted a baseline study that became a basis for a multi-million mediation project in Southern Turkey.



I offer consultancy services in the field of peacebuilding, negotiation and mediation. I am happy to design negotiation and mediation trainings, processes, events and activities. I craft negotiation and mediation strategies for executives, parties of conflict and businesses. Moreover, I audit negotiation and mediation processes to analyze where negotiations are falling short, potential causes and offer appropriate interventions. This assessment reveals strengths and weaknesses of available decision making and negotiation practices and offers ways to deploy creative negotiation skills to get better results. My peacebuilding consultancy services include analysis of security sector, political risk analysis, civil wars, peace processes, governance institutions, conflict analysis, and consent generation in the political marketplace. These services build upon my research and policy expertise in various countries and benefit from in-depth understanding of conflict zones.



Drawing on experience, I offer partners real-world examples of how “responsible negotiation” and “mutual gains approach” to negotiation can be applied to their issues and opportunities. I distinguish my services by customizing training to reflect the unique challenges each partner faces. Partners who invest in my negotiation, mediation and coaching services build long-term intellectual capital, get better results in their professional life and build strong relations with relevant stakeholders.



I offer Analysis, Design, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning services to maximize positive impact, to ensure accountability, and to inform adaptive design of projects. To this end, I employing tools such as conflict analysis, interest mapping, trend analysis, political accommodation analysis, and economic interactions assessment. Such tools facilitate rigorous project design and implementation that emphasizes participation of relevant stakeholders and collaboration of partners. I develop comprehensive strategies to fertilize institutional learning.

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Müze, Tarih ve Bir Arada Yaşamak

Uzun zamandır yazmak istediğim bir yazı bu. Eylül 2012’de o müzeyi ilk gördüğüm gün “mutlaka ziyaret etmeliyim” demiş, ama hayatın akışına ayak uydurup gidememiştim.  Mayıs yağmurunun şehri serinlettiği bir öğlen hafiften yola koyuldum. Watertown’a gidiyorum, hani  geçtiğimiz ay Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’in saklanmaya çalıştığı Cambridge ve Boston’a komşu küçük şehir…

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Turchia. Se le leggi sono al servizio dello Stato

La decisione del governo turco di utilizzare la violenza politica per reprimere manifestanti pacifici è sconcertante dato il ruolo che l’Akp ha avuto in passato nel rompere la morsa che esercitavano sul popolo le istituzioni kemaliste, e le sue iniziative di riconciliazione per risolvere tanto la questione curda quanto quella alevita.

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Why use violence against peaceful protesters?

The Turkish government’s decision to use tear gas as a form of political violence to suppress peaceful protesters is puzzling given the AKP’s role in breaking the grip of Kemalist institutions and its reconciliation initiatives to resolve both the Kurdish question and the Alevi issue. Why did the AKP government use state repression? What is the AKP’s logic of violence?

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Neither Turkish spring nor velvet revolution

This is not a revolution. This is not the mobilization of the western oriented and secular middle classes only against a popular leader. This is a democratic quest from below to ‘get back to the basics’ against Turkey’s increasingly authoritarian and conservative ruling AK Party and the ideologically driven and impotent opposition parties.

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